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Top 10 AX Blogs on MSDN/TechNet

There are many great blogs out in the Dynamics AX space - and some of them are done by our colleagues within Microsoft.  Here's our team's list of the blogs we read and suggest to customers:

1.       Dynamics AX Performance Team Blog - We work together with the performance team in development on a daily basis, so we are heavy users of the tools they put out on their blog.  The Dynamics AX Performance Team's blog covers a wide range of topics such as Dynamics AOS configuration, X++ profiling, and leveraging new features of SQL Server 2008. 

2.       Saveen Reddy's blog - Saveen's blog is a hodge-podge of content mostly focused on UI design.  He offers some great insights and material on a variety of topics ranging from AX to Visio to Business Intelligence. 

3.       EMEA Dynamics AX Support - This blog is run by the whole EMEA AX support team.  About 20 specialists are constantly adding columns.  The blog can be seen more as a mini KB in which we rapidly release important information which helps Partners solve their daily problems. 

4.       Microsoft Dynamics AX UK Blog - The AX UK blog gives Microsoft partners an update on the general world of AX with a focus on updates for the sales and presales community. 

5.       Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan aka 'mfp' - mfp's 2 cents is a blog about Dynamics AX development and tools.  It contains posts about X++, technical documentation, technical conferences, Dynamics AX architecture, engineering excellence, and development in general.  It is written by Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan, principal developer on the Dynamics AX Developer and Partner Tools team.  For more info see:

6.       Dynamics AX Sustained Engineering - This blog contains various Sustained Engineering information.  It ranges from compatibility information, some samples to fix various issues, and any SE\AX related announcements. 

7.       Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX - This blog contains information and feedback on the Supply Chain Management area in Microsoft Dynamics AX with a special focus on the functionality. 

8.       Reflections on Microsoft Dynamics AX - "My blog was setup to help keep partners updated on Dynamics AX related to my work in the Dynamics team. It is the primary place where I post Q&A questions as people ask them on the Demonstration VMs that I work on. For partners working with the Demo VMs, this is a good resource to find tips and tricks. Additionally, I'll post on things I think interesting to the Dynamics AX audience in relation to my work in the Dynamics team." -          Lachlan Cash, main contributor.  If you are interested in attending AX Tech Conferences, his site has all the information.

9.       AX Support - North America - This blog contains posts by the AX Support team in North America.

10.   Dynamics AX Tools - The AX Tools blog covers all information about Microsoft Dynamics AX Tools.  This involves all aspects of tooling-- from developer tools, to configuration and implementation tools.  In general, tools that enable AX implementers to plan, configure, customize and deploy AX solutions. 

There are also three sites which have a lot of great information archived on them, but they are not being updated frequently anymore - the Enterprise Portal Blog, the Infrastructure and Server Blog and the Integration using AIF Blog.  We hope that this site will become a favorite as well.  Drop us a comment if you have any feedback on the list or topics you want to see from the field teams at Microsoft.

Eric Newell

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