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Recording manual check in Dynamics AX

Recording manual check in Dynamics Ax 2009

Step 1: Setup bank management parameter

Path: Dynamics Ax > Bank > Setup > Parameters

Set field 'Allow checks for bank or ledger accounts' = True

Note: This configuration enables manual check recording capabilities for CEU company in the system.

Step 2: Create bank transaction type 'Check - Manual'

Path: Dynamics Ax > Bank > Setup > Bank transaction type

'Ctrl + N' to create new record in the form

Set field 'Bank transaction type' = 04

Set field 'Name' = Check - Manual'

Click menu 'Save'

Close form 'Bank transaction type'

This setup completes the setup part.  The transaction processing follows below from Step 3. 

Step 3: Process of recording manual check

Path: Dynamics Ax > General Ledger > Journals > General journal

Create a new journal line

Select from list view 'Name' = GenJrn

Click button 'Lines'

Set field 'Account' = 600140

Set field 'Transaction text' = Payment

Set field 'Debit' = 250.00 USD

Set field 'Offset account type' = Bank

Click tab 'Payment'


 Click button 'Transactions'

Highlighted grid is the transaction with 'Payment reference' = 1201

This completes recording manual check process.



Comments (4)
  1. Steve says:

    Got through steps 1 & 2 fine. When I got to step 3, it wouldn’t let me select a method of payment. It did let me a bank transaction type and payment reference, but once posted, the referenced checks were not changed to paid status or the check amount updated on the check listing in Cash & Bank Management. I do see them on the transactions list in the Payment Reference column, but some additional guidance on how to update the check listing would be welcome.

  2. Steve says:

    Where is the information from the transaction type setup being used in the transaction? Would the process be the same to manually record an electronic (ACH/wire) payment made outside the system, and if so, is there any way to tie the payment and expense to a specific vendor?

  3. Regarding journal entry I'll update the entry with screen shots.

    Yes with respect to check number we use it as 'Payment reference', this process helps us recording the transaction of manual check.

  4. Nathan says:

    Hmm – no journal posting? Or, at least, you didn't mention the posting, but I supect you did post the journal, but didn't mention it here – or we wouldn't have seen a transaction?

    It's also unclear where the payment reference originated from? You mention a manual cheque (check) payment, but you haven't specified the cheque number – is this the payment reference?

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