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Journals – Balance Control Accounts

Balance Control Accounts:

Balance Control Accounts configurations are used to monitor the current and expected balances on an account as transactions are entered in a journal.  This setup is a best practice from process point of view and it's not a mandatory setup to continue operations in Dynamics Ax.

Setup of Balance control accounts:

Path: Dynamics Ax > General Ledger > Setup > Journals > Balance control accounts

'Ctrl + N' to create new record in the above form

Set field 'Ledger account' = specify ledger account required to monitor

Click menu item 'Save'

Balance control accounts can be used for liquidity funds such as bank & cash accounts, which give idea of current & expected amounts of these specific accounts and take decisions.  AP clerk to verify the current & expected balance to make sure the balance is sufficient to pay invoices.

View a Balance Control:

Path: Dynamics Ax > General Ledger > General Journal > Lines > Journal voucher > Inquiries > Balance control

Please notice the ledger accounts and expected balance with various stages details like, before journal, transactions, after journal, other journals and after other journals.

Note: The expected balance includes posted and unposted journals.

This is how we can leverage this function.



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