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Intercompany Financial Statements in standard Ax 2009?

We can generate intercompany financial statements, invoice accounts reports (ledger), payment account reports (ledger), and bank account (ledger) reports in standard Ax 2009. It really depends on the design of Chart of Accounts. Please find the following details of navigation and overview of information to setup.


Navigation paths & Overview of Financial Statement:

Dimension Focuses: General Ledger >Setup >Financial Statement > Dimension Focuses

We can leverage dimensions functionality in reporting through creating available dimensions and required combinations of dimensions. The report slices down to each dimension value depending on ‘Main’ or ‘Secondary’ focus setup in ‘Financial Statement’.

Financial Statements: General Ledger >Setup >Financial Statement > Financial Statement

In ‘Financial Statement’, we create the proforma of statement. This is the form we can actually setup intercompany link for generating intercompany Trans & Balances data.

Intercompany link path inside form: Financial statement > Transactions > Company Accounts (list view).

Please find the attached screen shot where we assign the intercompany link.


Row Definition: General Ledger >Setup >Financial Statement > Row Definition

-This function allows us to assign numbers to accounts and ‘Structure designer’.

-Assets & Liabilities accounts for ‘Balance Sheet’

-Profit & Loss accounts for ‘Income Statements’

-Bank Ledger accounts for ‘Bank account reports’

-Invoice ledger accounts for ‘Invoice ledger reports’

-Payment accounts for ‘Payment ledger reports’

Note: This process would actually help customer using multiple companies having same chart of accounts shared, or using identical chart of accounts(ex: Given companies A& B, COA: 110110 is used for bank a/c in ‘Company A’ & ‘Company B’) in all companies. 

Intercompany setting for Financial statements.jpg

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