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DynamicsPerf 2.0 is HERE !!

Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics 2.0 has been posted DynamicsPerf 2.0 RTM


I would like to thank the entire Dynamics community and SQL DBAs that have helped during the process of building this new and exciting version of Performance Analyzer.  Everyone in the community has done a great job of contributing to this version as we have worked on the pre-release builds since Jan. 2016.  This version has been tested on very small deployments to the largest environments  that included almost 1500 concurrent Dynamics AX users. 


You can read about some of the new and exciting features What's New in DynamicsPerf 2.0.  The RTM build now has SSRS reports and PowerBI reports.  You can plug these reports into your PowerBI site and create your own dashboard for DynamicsPerf !!  We will continue to enhance the reporting for DynamicsPerf.


Thank You !!!!


Rod “Hotrod” Hansen

Comments (5)
  1. I am getting following error while exporting AOTExport from AX.

    error executing code: Wrong argument type for function.

    Stack trace

    (S)\Classes\AOTExport2012_Direct\addBatchJobInfoServer – line 146
    (C)\Classes\AOTExport2012_Direct\addBatchJobInfo – line 8
    (C)\Classes\AOTExport2012_Direct\run – line 39
    (C)\Classes\AOTExport2012_Direct\main – line 9

  2. Greg Y says:

    How to take advantage of the new stuff, especially the reporting/dashboard

    1. Hi Greg, we will write other blog more specifically for reporting.


  3. Greg Y says:

    Basic DynamicsPerf troubleshooting, and where to start. For example, all the views are returning empty resultset, I suspect it all started when I deleted the linked server, but not 100% sure. what log tables exist for me to troubleshoot? I can figure it out by stepping through one of the procs (sp_capturestats), but it’s quite the tedious process!

  4. Thank you Rod!

    All, please let us know what kind of content you will like to read on this blog regarding the tool DynamicsPerf: installation, Performance analysis, benchmarking in UAT, reporting and dashboard…


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