Computer Science and STEM critically important to Australian students future success

Post by Dan Bowen, Microsoft Australia Academic Programmes Manager (STEM Education Lead) / Minecraft: Education Edition PMM. Dan will be at FutureSchools 22-24 March running a workshop on Minecraft: Education Edition and beyond – Building skills for the future. Computer Science and STEM are critically important to the success of the future of Australia and…


Feedback strategy guides STEM uptake of wireless; video tools

Guest post by Steve Crapnell, MIE Expert and head of eLearning co-ordination at All Hallows’ School, Queensland. Like many schools, All Hallows’ School in Brisbane is experimenting with stylus-enabled devices for STEM topics. What makes us different is our strategy. For the past 18 months, our technology adoption has been guided by a single, clear…

Utilising the power of OneNote and Surface to develop visual thinking skills

Guest post by Steve Brophy, Director of ICT & eLearning at Ivanhoe Grammar School. In 2010, Sir Ken Robinson gave a speech titled “Changing Paradigms” at a Renaissance Society of America public event. As usual, Sir Ken was at his poetic best and his call for a redefinition of our current school model echoed throughout…


2017 Planning | Q&A Expert Tips

  If you missed our 5-part #Back2SchoolHELP live webinar series last week, we have a full recap for you. The series aimed to help out our community of school teachers preparing for the new teaching year ahead of them. Educators joined the live Q&A sessions for expert teacher tips and tricks with the host, Megan Townes, a Microsoft NSW Teacher Ambassador….