Workflows for the Tablet Classroom: Creating & Publishing a Newsletter, Flyer or Brochure

Ever wondered how to complete a task using a number of apps? How to move work around a tablet? How students can bring together a number of pieces to make a multimodal piece of work? This is a major learning curve for many of us who are used to desktop and laptop environments. In the next few weeks we will share a five practical workflows for students and teachers in a tablet classroom.

Workflow 1 - Create a Newsletter, Flyer, or Brochure

Skill Development:

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Writing Skills
  • Multi-modal skills development
  • Image editing
  • Digital Citizenship - Creative Commons image use

Idea for Classroom learning activities:

  • Create a contemporary newsletter for a mental health issue experienced by teenagers.  
  • Create a promotional flyer for your upcoming school Fete or event
  • Create an Informational brochure for a new product developed to solve water filtration issues in developing nations


This task would typically involve planning, researching, copy writing, image editing, and desktop publishing design work. 

We recommend the following Windows 8 apps for this task: 


 NB - Sometimes it’s hard to find free, creative commons approved images that are visually appealing. Below are three sites that are ok to download images from and have great images for students to use:

It’s always good to add the link for the image’s home site somewhere on your document. Even small font will do.

We hope these ideas help and inspire you to give it a go. Keep a look out for more workflow activities in a tablet classroom over the coming weeks.


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