Essential Windows 8 Apps for the Class of 2014

The Microsoft Education Australia Team has spent quite a bit of time getting to know Windows 8 apps lately. We we wanted to share with you a list of 10 apps that we think every teacher should have on both their own and their students’ devices in 2014. This is in no way a quintessential list, rather a list of apps we enjoy sharing with others.

  1. OneNote - keep yourself organised, write notes, summaries, treat this app like your digital arch lever folder. Make sections for each subject. Take advantage of the to do list function, take photos of your teachers notes on the whiteboard and add to your OneNote, share your notes with friends or colleagues, draw or type your notes, there are countless ways educators and learners use this app.
  2. My Homework - keep your timetable, assessment tasks and projects all organised. This app syncs to all platforms, so you can keep up with your homework and assignments from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  3. Record Voice & Pen - Record videos showing your working out. Great for Maths, Science etc Use the pen function on your touch device to record your working out and calculations, share this with teachers and peers for feedback. Add an image to the canvas to explain a concept or process. Once done save and export your file for use anywhere.
  4. Wikipedia - A great research tool at your finger tips. The Windows 8 App version of Wikipedia makes research a breeze. Search Wikipedia using the search function in the charm bar of your device. For easy note taking and research, split your screen to have Wikipedia on half your screen and OneNote on the other.
  5. SideBar Dictionary - keep pinned to your sidebar and look up any vocabulary and grammar as you read. This app will also translate content from a number of languages. Great for researching and building knowledge.
  6. Kodu App - The best games creation tool now comes in an app format. Make and share Xbox Quality 3D games. Kodu helps children with critical thinking, process and procedure for multimedia creation, narrative and storytelling and problem solving. Check out this blog post for more ideas to use Kodu in the classroom.
  7. FreshPaint - Awesome app for drawing. Use this app to annotate over existing images, or to draw your own diagrams, create paintings and drawing from scratch. Fresh paint really does make the digital screen feel like a real canvas.
  8. ArcSoft Showbiz - Create and edit videos on your tablet device. A great app for making multimedia presentations to show your understanding of a new concept. Edit video footage, add text and audio to complete your next movie.
  9. Presentation Next - Create zooming presentations and live info graphics. A profession finish that will play across all devices and platforms. A great option to give students to share newly discovered knowledge and concepts.
  10. Skype - connect with learners and educators in your own backyard, or across the globe. Tap into professionals, passionate ambassadors or like minded learners. Set up class connect sessions with students around the globe. Check out this post for 50 ways to use Skype in the classroom.

Check out more Windows 8 Apps over the holidays at our Pinterest Page.

Did you know that you can now purchase Windows Store Gift Cards? A great way to add apps to machines in your school.

If you a have an app that you would recommend to colleagues, please leave us a comment and we will include it in the Pinterest Board.

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