Application Insights Availability Monitoring: Test Locations Updated

Application Insights Availability Monitoring test locations have moved to Azure datacenters recently. They were previously hosted in Microsoft on-premises datacenters. With this move:

  • We will be able to add more locations with the growing network of Azure datacenters.
  • Test locations will align with the regions you choose to host your applications.
  • Improved service availability and resiliency with Azure backed redundancy & recovery.
There is no need to update existing tests. All tests have been migrated, and are running from the new locations corresponding to the old locations listed below. The portal will reflect the new location names shortly.

Please note:
  • The four locations highlighted below: Zurich, Moscow, Stockholm and Miami have moved to the closest Azure datacenter that is in a different geographic location. You may notice a slight increase in test durations from these locations.
  • If you need to configure firewall rules to permit incoming tests: IP addresses of the test locations have been updated.

Old Location Names


New Location Names (Azure Regions)
AU : Sydney Australia East
BR : Sao Paulo Brazil South
CH : Zurich* France South*
FR : Paris France Central
HK : Hong Kong East Asia
IE : Dublin North Europe
JP : Kawaguchi Japan East
NL : Amsterdam West Europe
RU : Moscow* UK South*
SE : Stockholm* UK West*
SG : Singapore Southeast Asia
US : CA-San Jose West US
US : FL-Miami* Central US*
US : IL-Chicago North Central US
US : TX-San Antonio South Central US
US : VA-Ashburn East US


Please refer to the following documentation for any addition details/information regarding Application Insights:




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