Application Insights – Advisory 9/28 : Update to the Application Insights JavaScript SDK on 10/2/2017 – May impact telemetry collected

We are implementing a change to reduce the number of cookies used by Application Insights.  The ai_authuser cookie will not be dropped by default when calling the setAuthenticatedUserContext API.  The id will be stored only in memory. This may impact telemetry when the API is not called on every page. To keep the same telemetry, ensure the API is called on every page, or update the call to setAuthenticatedUserContext to pass the new optional parameter to use this cookie.  Giving customer control when this cookie is dropped is important, and we are expediting this change to help customers comply with regulations impacting cookie use. This change takes effect with the updated SDK release slated for 10/02/2017.

We understand that customers rely on Application Insights as a critical service and apologize for any impact this issue have caused.


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