Experiencing Issues with Data Ingestion in Europe Region- 5/24 – Mitigated

Final Update: , 5/24/2015 16:35 UTC

For nearly an hour Application Insights experienced intermittent issues in data ingestion in the Europe region. This may have caused some telemetry data to not make it to our ingestion pipeline. It's estimated to be less than 1%. Our service does retry sending the failed data and most likely most of the data will make it way into our service.  

Root Cause: The failure was due to few nodes getting rebooted causing extra load on rest of the nodes.
Lessons Learned: We have scaled out our service to be able to withstand a few nodes going down

Incident Timeline: 1 Hours & 10 minutes - 5/24, 15:09   UTC through 5/24, 16:19 UTC

We understand that customers rely on Application Insights as a critical service and apologize for any impact this incident caused.

-Application Insights Service Delivery Team


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