Using the Desktop App Converter tool on an updated Windows version

Desktop Bridge
Desktop Bridge

Being able to distribute your classic Desktop App through the Windows Store is a great opportunity to target the 500M+ Windows 10 active users! So you may be using the Desktop App Converter tool and you might have the following error since an major Windows Update: ‘E_NO_EXPANDED_BASE_IMAGE’: No expanded base Images were found a ‘C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Images’….


Desktop Bridge: best practices and common issues

This post has been written by the TAppEx and CMCO teams, in collaboration with Windows AppConsult Below are common Desktop Bridge Microsoft Store Policy failures. By familiarizing yourself with these policies and making any necessary changes to your app, you can help ensure that your app gets into the Store in a timely manner.  We’ve…


Handling Visual C++ dependencies in a Desktop Bridge app in the Fall Creators Update

One of the requirements for packaging a desktop application with the Desktop Bridge is to embed inside the package all the required dependencies (libraries, frameworks, etc.) which are required by the app to run. The main goals are to provide a seamless user experience (the app should work out of the box once downloaded from…


Windows Mixed Reality platform is here!

Developers: We can’t wait to see what you will create!! To develop your apps and games, Install the latest Windows 10 version named Fall Creators Update available today. It is the version 1709 Build 16299.15 Download the final version Unity3D 2017.2 available since October the 12th at Last but not least, update to Visual Studio…


Preparing a Desktop Bridge application for the Store submission

If you follow this blog regularly, you’ll know that currently the submissions of Desktop Bridge apps on the Store requires an extra vetting other than the standard certification process. Desktop Bridge applications, in fact, make use of a special capability called runFullTrust, which is restricted. If you try to submit an application that declares it…


Enable In-App Product Purchases for Desktop Bridge Converted Applications

Desktop Bridge helps developers gradually migrate traditional apps to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The In-App Purchase (IAP) in Windows Store is an important scenario to monetize the converted apps. When working with developers on this scenario, I notice certain obstacles are in common, for example:   a. Porting old .Net or unmanaged applications to…


Chaining multiple installers with the Desktop App Converter

One of the key requirements of an app package deployed from the Store is that it must be self-contained: the application must run without asking to the user to manually install a set of libraries, a framework or a runtime. If this requirement is easy to satisfy with a regular UWP application, since they fully…


Desktop Bridge – Is your application a resource “hog”? (CPU post)

In this blog series, I hope to show you how to use a few simple tools – available in Windows 10 – to determine your application’s effect on battery life, available RAM, and average CPU consumption. The Desktop Bridge packaging tool does not affect application performance. A packaged application executes the same binaries as the…


Asynchronous programming in Unity, Using Coroutine and TAP

[中文版本] Background   A couple of weeks ago, Unity has released a new version, 2017.1. In this version, the most anticipated feature, TAP and Async-await support, finally came out as a beta feature, with .NET 4.6 Experimental Equivalent. This is not a coincidence. With the Microsoft HoloLens and Windows MR platform strategic layout gradually being…

异步编程,在Unity中使用Coroutine 与TAP

[English Version] 背景   几个星期前,Unity 发布了新版本2017.1。在这个版本中,社区翘首以盼的TAP 与 async await支持终于随着.net 4.6兼容以beta feature的方式与用户正式见面了。   这并不是偶然,随着微软HoloLens 与Windows MR平台战略布局逐渐成熟,大量Unity开发者开始研究如何与UWP API进行交互以获得需要的底层支持。而作为逻辑脚本引擎,过去的Unity(5-) 只提供了有限的.net 2.0-4.x, c# 4以下的兼容,在访问全面异步化的 UWP API时仍需要进行大量的适配工作。如果不熟悉TAP和UWP底层的实现,开发者很难正确的进行封装,转化为Unity 已有的 Update Check/Coroutine 模式,开发过程事倍功半。从另一个方向,一些有经验的UWP开发者也对XR 这片新大陆跃跃欲试,但苦于async await /TAP 没有实装,难以理解Unity3D的Corotine异步模型而走不少弯路(我就是其中挣扎过的一员)。   现在,随着尝试抹平一切平台差异的 .net standard 类库的不断成熟,加上Unity与微软,以及社区极客们的不断努力,我们终于能够在Unity 同时使用 Coroutine 和TAP,让Unity开发与UWP开发两支队伍胜利会师,真是做梦也会笑醒。   在欢庆的同时,我们还是要意识到,这带来了新的挑战。 我们更新功能并不是要所有人推倒一切重新开始,无论你是有Unity经验,已经有项目需要porting到 UWP平台的游戏大师,还是想将你的2D Xaml应用升级到 Windows MR 平台的Unity新手,或者你是完全的新新人类,想要通过大量的Unity与UWP的例子找到属于自己的App技术可行性,你都会遇到这样的问题:怎么样正确的让 Unity 的 Coroutine 和 .Net 的 TAP 正确的交互。  …