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Every now and then, I take a break from federated infrastructure to post something that is likely only relevant to me.  I recently purchased a new sound card (Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Audio) for a machine that is still running Windows XP.  I allowed the hardware wizard to recognize the device and pull the drivers…


Enumerating Folder Structures with VBScript to Extract ID3 Information from MP3 Files

Okay, so this has nothing to do with federated infrastructure.  However, occasionally, I come across something worth preserving so I wanted to make sure I wrote it down.  The hat tip here really goes to Antonin Foller (, but I did make some modifications to his code to make it easier for my specific situation….


How does Authentication Work Cross Domain?

A question that comes up frequently involving federated customers is how does an organization need to configure its firewalls to allow users in a trusted, but not fully trusted, domain to access their resources.  Consider the following scenario: [WEB RESOURCE]—|—FIREWALL—WAN—FIREWALL—|—[USER 2][DOMAIN CTRL A]–|                               |—[DOMAIN CTRL B] User 2 wants to access a web resource in…


Where can I get Single Instance Store (SIS) for Windows File Servers?

The answer, it seems, is only from Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003, which goes by so many other names, it can be challenging to understand sometimes.  However, the Single Instance Store, which is based on the Exchange and WDS technologies, detects multiple copies of the same document and consolidates them to a single document…


Why can’t we all share Free Busy Information?

Calendering is a human problem, made easier somewhat with Outlook and Exchange, but also made harder in how those programs have shifted our expectations on the ease of scheduling people and resources.  Perhaps my largest frustration with Exchange and Outlook is being unable to see Free Busy time of my customers, those with whom I…


Moving Mailboxes Cross Organizations in Exchange 2007

I’ve seen a number of posts on other blogs talking about the new features of Exchange 2007 and the ability now to move mailboxes across organizations.  I currently have a customer engaged in a major consolidation of multiple Exchange 2003 organizations into a single forest, single Exchange 2007 organization.  The design for this customer calls…


The Legacy Exchange 5.5 Federation

The following scenario plays out one of the most common histories we see in the Exchange 5.5 design of federated environments.  In fact, we can probably blame the flexibilty of Exchange 5.5 for the majority of federations that exist today because it made possible the creation of large email directories without a need for trusts…


This account must be valid before continuing

So I am working with a federated customer, attempting to put Exchange Server 2003 into an agency-level administrative group.  All the permissions at the 5.5 Org, Site and Config levels have been validated, the domain was an in-place upgrade and everything should be running just smoothly.  As we attempt to join the new server to…


Send SMTP Mail from a Web Site

The following function (written in VBScript) can be used to mail-enable a web-based application.  If you are sending HTML based body, you must specify “HTML” as the msgType input parameter.  The function returns either a success or failure notice as its output parameter.  This code uses CDO objects on an IIS SMTP server. Function SendSMTPMail…


Putting the F in FERPA (Building Distribution Groups for Class Schedules in Exchange)

One goal at many universities has been to provide a collaboration solution for students, based on email.  To do this in Exchange, an administrator needs to create a distribution list to represent the class and populate it with the user accounts.  Each distribution list has a members property and each user has a memberOf property,…