How to Fix It When Your Edge Browser or Office Apps Won’t Start Normally

I noticed lately that the Edge browser or any Office app would occasionally try to start but end up with hanging there on my Windows 10 computer. Most of the times I would re-boot the machine to make the problem go away. But the trick didn’t work this time, and I had to find a resolution to the hanging issues.

Initially I tried to stop the Edge app or Office app like Outlook or Word using Task Manager. But that didn’t help. Every time when I re-started Edge, it kept trying to refresh a web page at the below url but never could finish it.


After a few rounds of troubleshooting without success, it occurred to me that the Edge browser might be the culprit for the app hanging issue. In other words, if I could fix the Edge issue, my Office apps might just work fine. It turned out to be true in my case.

The fix was rather simple: delete Edge cache and re-boot the machine.

You can find the Edge cache at the location below, as mentioned in the discussion here. Delete all subfolders in the folder. I had several of them.



After rebooting my PC, the Edge browser and Office apps started normally, to my delight.

I won’t guarantee that this simple fix will resolve any similar issue but it’s certainly one option you have. Please note that you may lose browser history by deleting Edge cache but you should still have your favorites and download history.

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