How Did I Fix My Nokia Lumia 920 Gear and Blank Screen Issue

My Nokia Lumia 920 has been a great device since I purchased it last November. But it started to misbehave a bit lately.

The Issues

It first showed a static (non-spinning) gears screen as shown in the picture. I didn’t even know when and how it happened as I turned it off and left it in my backpack while traveling. The only thing I did differently was that I turned on Airplane mode and didn’t turn it off when the problem occurred. I waited for a day and night to let the battery drain up completely, and then recharged the phone. It rebooted and worked normally. I didn’t waste any time to back up the data on the device.


After unplugging the phone from my laptop, I didn’t notice any issue but after a while the screen went blank. This time no matter how hard I pressed the power button the device showed no emotion. I waited for a few days and thought if the battery went out I could recharge it and it the problem might go away. This didn’t happen, and I knew I had to do something. I searched the web and found a lot of good information. Thanks to wpcentral that shared a great post “Tip: How to fix a bricked Nokia Lumia 920”. It helped me solve the problem and saved me a trip to the local Nokia store. I was very happy…

The Fix

1. Plug the phone into your PC
2. Hold the Volume Down and the Power button, click RETRY on the Product Support Tools Window
3. After you feel a vibration in the phone immediately release the Volume Down and the Power button and hold the Volume up button.
4. Continue to hold the volume up button, you will see the software say "Rebooting"
5. After about 15 seconds you will see a top NOKIA logo and the software will start flashing the phone.

The blog post shows several other resolutions. Please check it out if interested.


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