Top 10 List About Microsoft

If you’ve been following up technology news, you probably have seen a lot of new things at Microsoft. So how would you describe Microsoft? I jogged down a few things to share with you. Please note that this is not an official list.




10. Microsoft opens Windows Store for developers to market and sell their apps

9. Microsoft has offices in more than 30 states in the U.S. outside of Redmond

8. Microsoft runs five business units and a number of retail stores called Microsoft Store

7. Microsoft owns Skype, the free Internet calling, chatting and sharing tool

6. Microsoft makes the popular game console XBOX 360

5. Microsoft provides public and private cloud services worldwide (free trial here)

4. Microsoft enables the largest touch screen with Perspective Pixel

3. Microsoft introduces its own computer line called Surface

2. Microsoft offers Office through online subscriptions called Office 365

1. Microsoft is now a devices and services company

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