Mayo Clinic’s Windows Store App Makes the Journey of Pregnancy Informative

Mayo Clinic, a leading medical practice and research institution in the world, publishes thousands of updated, authoritative health and medical articles and papers on its web site. After wining approval from the leadership, the team responsible for the web content publications decides to make the pregnancy content available to Windows 8 users. The free app named Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy has just been published to the Windows Store and is available for download here.



The app provides informative content for each of the 40 weeks during the pregnancy and for 12 weeks postpartum. On each screen, users can find more detailed information for any given week and easily navigate between screens or weeks through the application bar. Any user interested to get more information can browse the Mayo Clinic store to purchase the book, “Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby's First Year”.




Download the app today and enjoy the immersive user experience the design and development team has put into the great app.

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