Windows 8 App: Bay County Tax Collector Makes It Easy to Find Property Tax Records

You can download and install this free Windows 8 app from the Windows Store. It is listed under the government category but you can search on “tax” and find it from the store.



It is really easy to use the application. You can browse the list of properties to find specific records by scrolling the horizontal bar as shown below.


Or, you can narrow the search by clicking the “Narrow your Search” button, which allows you to use a combination of Owner, Street, House Number, Property Number, Tax Bill Number, Tax Year (2011 through 2007), and Roll Type (Real Estate and Personal). You can also access the search function by right clicking at the bottom of the screen (or swiping on a touch-enabled screen) to bring up the Filter, as shown below.


image image

I encourage to try the app and create your own app for our citizens and government staff and officials. Feel free to take advantage of Microsoft’s “Generation App” program which is created to help you launch your Windows 8 app in 30 days.


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