Volunteering your Technical Expertise to Address Global Challenges

Are you interested to volunteer your technical expertise to help address global challenges? If so, sign up for and attend one of the RHoK events near you this coming weekend (June 2-3, 2012). More detail at http://www.rhok.org/events

Atlanta GA 
Austin, TX
Burlington, VT
Los Angeles, CA
Philadelphia, PA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Washington, DC

Random Hacks of Kindness, or RHoK, is a joint Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, HP, NASA, and World Bank initiative that teams subject-matter experts on global challenges with technical expert volunteers for a 48-hour hackathon. This weekend, June 2-3, RHoK events will occur in over 20 cities around the world. What sets RHoK apart from other hackathons or similar events focused on solving challenging problems is that the events successfully and meaningfully connect subject matter experts – people who have first-hand knowledge of which challenges need to be solved – with the technical volunteer community. Everyone is welcome and everyone can contribute; not only software engineers but also designers, web experts, project managers, GIS specialists, and so on. Anyone who is able, willing and motivated can play a part in RHoK.

More detail on the global initiative at the blog post here.

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