Creating Client Cloud Phone Apps for Public Sector and Winning Prizes (Coming Soon)



Come on and join us in this exciting contest dubbed “Mobile America – the people hackathon”. We are still finalizing the detail but will announce it soon. This post is to provide some basic information (subject to change) and help you get started with your thoughts on the apps you and your team like to work on and tools you may need to get your dev environment ready. Stay tuned and come back to find the detail for the hackathon.

1. Public sector app. The application must be a public sector application. A Public Sector app must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • It is created for the audience including Federal Government (Civilian, Military), State and Local Government, Education, Health and Life Sciences industries.
  • It uses open government data source(s) and/or cloud service(s).
  • It serves a need with either provision of information, goods or services by or for the government and/or citizens.

2. Public sector data. Use of any of the following data sources is optional and not required.

  • Any public sector data such as data available at
  • Data available at Windows Azure Marketplace such as the Voter Information Project data
  • Any other State/Local government data including election and campaign data
  • Data for education and the health and life science industries.

3. Application Type. The application must be one of the following types:

  • Windows – a Windows 8 Metro Style app. See more detail at Making great Metro style apps. Note: A Windows 8 app may use cloud data and/or services, but it will not be considered a cloud app for this hackathon.
  • Phone – a Windows Phone app. See more detail at Application Certification Requirements for Windows Phone. Note: A Windows Phone app may use cloud data and/or services, but it will not be considered a cloud app for this hackathon.
  • Cloud – a web-based application that uses one or more of Windows Azure capabilities and services: Compute, Storage, SQL Azure, Identity/Access Control Service, Caching, Service Bus, and / or Business Analytics/Reporting Service. Developers may use Windows Azure accounts from MSDN subscriptions, free 90-day trial accounts, or purchased Windows Azure accounts. See more info at Windows Azure.

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