Windows 8 Consumer Preview Developer How To Series

Last week I completed 30 blog posts for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Power User How to Series. Now it is time to focus on application development on and for Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In this How To series, I will share application development tips and tricks with developers and architects from my experience as well as those I found and learned from the community and the industry.

Developers can download Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 (beta) here. They can also download other tools, SDKs and create a free Windows Azure trial account using the links below.

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Since Windows 8 applications will use data locally, on the web or in the cloud, and they may be extended to mobile users, I will include in the series other technologies and platforms such as Windows Windows Azure and cloud computing, and Windows Phone and smart phone.



Windows 8 Developer How To: 1. My First Windows 8 Metro Style App
Windows 8 Developer How To: 2. Install Windows Phone SDK on Windows 8
Windows 8 Developer How To: 3. Quick Fix for Visual Studio 11 Beta DeployPackageName Error
Windows 8 Developer How To: 4. Troubleshoot Apps Using Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

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