Reduced Pricing on Windows Azure Storage and Compute

Here are the Details:

  • Windows Azure Storage Pay-As-You-Go pricing has been reduced by 12% ($0.14 to $0.125)
  • 6 Month Plans for Windows Azure Storage have been reduced across all tiers by up to 14%
  • Windows Azure Extra Small Compute has been reduced by 50% ($.04 to .$02)

With these changes, a 24x7 Extra Small Compute instance with a 100MB SQL Azure DB costs less than $20 per month. The price of compute and storage continues to be consistent across all datacenters and Pay-As-You-Go customers will automatically see the reduced prices reflected (as of today) on their next bill; there is no action required.

More detail here.

On February 14, 2012 we announced significant price reductions and a new entry level database option to meet customer needs on both ends of the database spectrum. Be sure to check out our pricing calculator and pricing page for additional details.


Database, based on size of the database:


SQL Azure Database is billed based on a graduated rate based on the size of the database. It is available in two editions: Web and Business. The Web Edition supports up to a 5 GB maximum T-SQL based relational database. The Business Edition supports up to a 150 GB maximum size T-SQL-based relational database.

Database Size Price Per Database Per Month

  • 0 to 100 MB:                                     Flat $4.995
  • Greater than 100 MB to 1 GB:        Flat $9.99
  • Greater than 1 GB to 10 GB:           $9.99 for first GB, $3.996 for each additional GB
  • Greater than 10 GB to 50 GB:         $45.954 for first 10 GB, $1.998 for each additional GB
  • Great than 50 GB to 150 GB:          $125.874 for first 50 GB, $0.999 for each additional GB
Billing Details

We charge at a monthly rate for each SQL Azure database you utilize, but we amortize that database fee over the month and calculate your fee on a daily basis. For databases greater than 1 GB, you will be billed in the next whole gigabyte increment. For example, if you utilized two Business Edition databases, one that was 4.4 GB and one that was 14.4 GB for 1 day during a billing month, you would be charged for a 5 GB and 15 GB database for that day, which would total $2.643. Below are the calculations:

  • 5 GB: ($9.99 for the first GB + $3.996 per GB for the next 4 GB) / 31 days = $0.838
  • 15 GB: ($45.954 for the first 10 GB + $1.998 per GB for the next 5 GB) / 31 days = $1.805
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