Windows 8 How To: 2. Switch Between Apps or Snap Apps

Whether you are using the Metro UI or desktop, chance are you are running multiple applications. For example, you may be in the Windows Store while watching a video. Or, if you are developer, you may be running Visual Studio Express 11 while debugging your Windows 8 Metro app.



Switch Between Apps

You can switch from one app to another app by moving mouse cursor (or touch) the upper left corner until the Switch List (apps list panel) pops up. Select the app you want to use. Note: You can use the Windows key + Tab to open up the Switch List.


Close An App

You can close an app by right click the mouse button, and click on “Close”.


Snap An App (Show two apps on the screen)

You can snap an app to the left side or right side of the screen by click on “Snap Right” or “Snap Left”.


Move the split bar in the middle of the screen to right or left side of the screen, to close the app on the left side or right side. 

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