Windows 8 How To: 17. Add New Tab or New InPrivate Tab in Metro Style IE Browser

Windows 8 comes with two flavors of the Internet Explorer browser, the IE on the desktop that many of us are familiar with and the Metro style Internet Explorer. Unlike the desktop version, the Metro style IE runs in a full screen without any window or chrome.

Working with the Metro style IE, you can type in the web address at the bottom of the screen. You will be presented with frequently visited websites initially and then websites whose addresses are matched with your typed characters, for example,


To open a new tab, move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen and right click. Click the + icon to add a new tab. (Or, click the three dots icon to add a new InPrivate tab.) Type in the address in the new Tab.

image image

To access a tab, move the mouse cursor to the top of screen and select the tab you want.


Note: You can pin the current site to start, or view the site in the desktop browser, by using the options at the lower right corner.


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