Windows 8 How To: 15. Show and Use Desktop Applications

With Metro UI Windows 8 provides improved user experience. As part of the design change, the Start | All Programs user interface is no longer available. The new Start button is available from the Charms Bar as shown below. But it behaves differently from the old Start button. For more info, check Kent Walter’s post “Getting around in Windows 8”.


From the desktop mode, only the Internet Explorer browser (IE 10) an Windows Explorer are accessible by default from the Taskbars. How can you show and run other built-in and installed desktop applications like WordPad?

From Metro UI

Follow the steps to show Apps in my previous post. Find the app (e.g. WordPad) from the Apps list and run it from there. If you cannot find your app there, use other options below.


From Charms Bar

Show the Charms bar by clicking the upper right corner. Select Apps from the list and type the app name (e.g. WordPad) at the search box. Select your app from the search results.


Pin or Unpin Apps on the Taskbar

Start the application, and then right click the app icon from the Tasksbar to pin (or unpin) the app to Taskbar. Once you have pinned an app on the Taskbar, you can launch it directly from the taskbar next time.



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