Windows 8 How To: 10. Customize Metro UI – App Tiles and Groups

Moving Tile to a Different Group

You can move tiles from one group to another group by selecting a tile, for example, the Weather Metro app, holding it over to another group, and dropping it where you want.

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Create a New Group

Select a tile, move it outside of the current group and drop it to a new area. This creates a new group.

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Changing Group Appearance Order

Hold down the Ctrl key, hover the mouse cursor over the tile area and move the mouse wheel backward (to reduce size) or forward (to increase size). On touch enabled device, use two fingers to touch two corners of the screen and move towards each other diagonally to reduce the tile size.

Select a tile group while holding the left mouse button, and move the select tile group to a location you like. Release the left button. On a touch enabled device, use one finger to touch and select a tile group, and move the select tile group to a location you like. Release your finger.

image <=>  image

Name or un-Name a Group

Reduce the size of tiles by using mouse or touch, as described above. Use mouse or touch to select a group. Right click the mouse button or swipe downward, to show or hide the Name Group appbar. Type a group name and click the Name button. To remove a group name, delete the group name and click the Name button.




Change Colors of Metro UI Elements

Check out the two articles below authored by Farshad at AddictiveTips. I haven’t tried and verified them myself and therefore cannot share my experience here.

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If you have a different or better way, share it with us.

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