Getting Started with HTML5

Brandon Satrom has written a number of MSDN articles on HTML5.  I found them very useful and would like to share them with you. (Click on the image below to check out test drive apps optimized for IE9 and IE10.) Also, check out Doris Chen's blog post including demos on HTML5 here.

To test the sample apps Brandon provided, you can download the free dev tool, WebMatrix.


HTML5: Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know

In this article — the first of a series that aims to show you how you can use HTML5 to build apps for the Web — Brandon Satrom introduces HTML5, describes Microsoft’s approach to the new standard and helps you think about how to adopt HTML5 technologies. August 2011

Building Apps with HTML5: No Browser Left Behind: An HTML5 Adoption Strategy

As much as the development community and latest browsers are pushing the HTML5 hype up to a fever pitch, the vast majority of people on the web aren’t using those brand new browsers and versions. But that doesn’t mean you have to put off using HTML5 till the next decade. In this column, Brandon Satrom provides some practical strategies for how you can adopt HTML5 technologies today. September 2011

Building HTML5 Applications: Better Web Forms with HTML5 Forms

A number of new input types in HTML5 make creating Web forms easier than ever, and the best thing about these new types is that they’ll work at some level in all browsers. Brandon Satrom shows you how to start using HTML5 forms in your applications today. November 2011

Building HTML5 Applications: Integrating Geolocation into Web Applications

Much of what the world is calling HTML5 is a set of technologies geared toward making real application development possible on the Web—and geolocation is a great example. Brandon Satrom introduces the Geolocation spec and shows you how to get started using it in your applications. December 2011

Building HTML5 Applications: Using HTML5 Canvas for Data Visualization

The new HTML5 canvas element gives you the power to create and manipulate images and animations on the fly. And it’s not just for complex projects like games. As Brandon Satrom demonstrates, you can use it to do some pretty cool data visualization as well. January 2012

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