Windows Azure SDK and Tools – November 2011 Release

This November 2011 Windows Azure SDK and Tools (SDK 1.6) release comes with improved and new features. You can download and install the SDK using the Web Platform Installer.  Or, you can separately install each part of the SDK manually. To manually install individual components, see Windows Azure SDK for .NET - November 2011.

You can also download the Windows Azure Training Kit that includes updated presentations, labs and demos to leverage the new SDK.

All-In-One Installation - November 2011

  • Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio* - November 2011
  • Windows Azure Libraries for .NET (Version 1.6)
  • Windows Azure Authoring Tools - November 2011
  • Windows Azure Emulators - November 2011
  • Visual Web Developer 2010, if you do not have Visual Studio 2010
  • ASP.Net MVC3
  • Required IIS feature settings
  • Required hot fixes

For more detail on the release, see What's New in Windows Azure. The Windows Azure team post provides a good summary of the new release.

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