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Apps For Entrepreneurs Challenge

Win $20,000 in prizes - PLUS $10,000 if you build for Windows Phone

DESCRIPTION: The Federal Government offers useful programs and services for small business and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to find thereby limiting the ability of businesses to leverage them. The goal of the Apps for Entrepreneurs is to build solutions that can give small businesses and entrepreneurs better tools to maximize these government resources.

AWARD: The winners will receive $20,000 prizes. In addition there is $10,000 in prizes if the application leverages the Microsoft Windows Phone platform.

DATES: The challenge opens on November 5th 2011 and closes on November 20th 2011. Please sign up here and spread the word!

PARTICIPATION: To enter, participants must develop an innovative application designed for the Web, the Desktop, a mobile device, console, or any platform broadly available that utilizes freely available government data.

$10,000 Criteria: Additional criteria to win the additional $10,000 in prizes for apps developed on the Microsoft platform (1st prize - $5K, 2nd prize - $3K, 3rd prize - $2K):

  • Develop Phone apps on the Windows Phone platform
  • Develop Phone apps leveraging the Windows Azure platform or
  • Develop a web app that leverages the Windows Azure platform

REGISTRATION: Register for the challenge at The submission should include the app's URL and a short description.



  • Small Business Administration
  • Small Business Innovation Research Program
  • Green Government Opportunities for Small Business
  • Datasets include loan and grants searchable API, city/county government web site catalog, SBIR award data, SBIR solicitation data, SBA program catalogue, SBA office locations, "green" government opportunities, etc.

APP EXAMPLE: An example app could be a mash-up of data between and to create an app to map current procurement opportunities to potential incumbents based on a Federal Agency’s spending.

Notice to all U.S. government employees (including Military and Public Education personnel)

In an effort to comply with Microsoft giving rules, government employees will not be eligible for the $10,000 in prizes during this app challenge. Further information on Microsoft compliance with U.S. government gift and ethics rules can be found here.

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