Windows Azure InfoKit for Public Sector

You can download a PowerPoint or JPEG file of the InfoKit here. Or you can view it at SlideShare.


Windows Azure SDK /zxazuresdk – All tools and bits you need to create cloud apps with Microsoft Visual 2010
Windows Phone SDK /zxphonesdk – All tools you need to create Windows Phone apps
Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone /zxazurephonetoolkit – Build mobile apps for Windows Azure
SharePoint and Windows Azure Development Kit /zxazuresharepointkit – Cloud and SharePoint integration
Windows Azure Pricing Calculator  /zxazurecalculator – Windows Azure pricing calculator (estimates)


Windows Azure Training Kit /zxazuretraining – Learn and get started with building cloud apps
News and Announcements on Windows Azure /zxcloudcover – Join Wade and Steve at Channel9
Windows Azure Team Blog /zxazureteamblog – Find the latest from the Windows Azure team
Windows Azure User Group /zxazureug – Attend current or past Windows Azure presentations virtually
Real World Guidance  /zxrealworldguide – Learn tips and tricks from other Windows Azure users


Free Windows Azure Trial Account /zxazuretrial – Create a free trial account and launch your first cloud app!
Windows Azure MSDN Account /zxazuremsdnbenefits – Activate account through your MSDN benefits
BlobShareSample /zxazureblobshare – Sample file sharing app using storage and access control
Microsoft Town Hall /zxmicrosofttownhall – Explore Town Hall online and get the cloud app source code
Windows Azure Feature Voting Forum /zxazurevotingforum – Share and vote ideas on Windows Azure
Moving Apps to Windows Azure /zxazurebookmovingtocloud – Free book by Microsoft Patterns and Practices

Open Data

Open Government Initiative ( – President Obama’s Open Government Initiative
Data.Gov ( – Improve access to Federal data, expand creative use beyond government
Windows Azure Marketplace /zxazuremarketplace – One-Stop Shop for Premium Data and Applications

Windows Azure INFOKIT - Public Sector

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