BlobShare – A File Sharing Sample Solution Built on Windows Azure

The BlobShare Sample is a simple file sharing application that utilizes the storage services of the Windows Azure Platform, together with the authentication and authorization capabilities of Access Control Service (ACS). The application allows an administrator user to upload files and share them with other users by sending invitations. By leveraging the claims-based service of ACS, invited users will be able to authenticate using the social identity providers and get access to the shared files.

You can download the source code and documentation of the BlobShare app here. Watch Wade and Steve’s discussion below in Cloud Cover episode 63 show. Also, you can read the Vittorio Bertocci’s blog post to see how the app handles identities and access controls.

Note: To test and deploy this sample app, you need a Windows Azure Platform account. If you do not have one, you can get a free 90-day trial account at


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