Windows Phone 7 Updates Available on AT&T’s Samsung Focus

Finally it’s here. You should have received a notification on your WP7 device about the availability of the February/March 2011 (aka NoDo) updates. Or, if you connect your WP7 to your PC, you’ll see an update note under “Phone Software”, similar to a screen below.



While the update should be a straightforward process, but you may, at least I did, run into some issues. So I will share my update experience here.

There are actually two updates. The first one is a small update that improves the experience of updating your phone in the future. And the second update provides those much anticipated improvements and features such as Copy and Paste.

February 2011 Update

In my case, I was prompted to update Zune software first, which took less than one minute to complete.



Re-start Zune or re-connect your WP7 after updating Zune software. The whole update process, with seven mini steps, took less than 10 minutes.



March 2011 Update:

This update provides Copy and paste and other improvements.


When I started the second update, however, I ran into an update error due to inadequate space. I had about 1.7 GB on my notebook but the update asked for another 0.5 GB space. Once I freed up some space on the PC, the update process continued without error. (This update created a backup of your WP7 OS and data and therefore needed extra space.) The whole update process, with ten mini steps, took close to 25 minutes. The latest OS is now 7.0.7390.0.


I tested the Copy and Paste feature. Not surprisingly, it worked. Smile

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