Windows Phone 7 Operating System March 2011 Update

I received an email yesterday that Windows Phone OS March 2011 update (dubbed “NoDo”) is available, with many anticipated improvements including the copy and paste feature. But I quickly realized that the update was not available on my Samsung Focus (AT&T) device. In fact, my WP7 device still showed the original OS version, 7.0 (7004), which I found from the client software, Zune. (The Settings option on WP7 device does not show the actual OS version.)




After a quick Internet search I figured out why the update was not immediately available to my device and thought I’d share the info here: my carrier has not made it available yet. Below is an except I found from a WinRumors post that explains the reason.

Microsoft is slowly distributing the update to a number of unbranded devices worldwide and owners should see the update notification shortly. Carrier branded devices are a whole different story. A number of mobile operators, Orange, O2 and AT&T blocked the first Windows Phone 7 patch update when it was originally released. It’s not yet clear when carrier branded devices will receive update notifications.

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