My Favorite Windows 7 Feature: Sticky Notes

Windows 7 comes with many improved and new features for end users. One of my favorites is Sticky Notes. While I am not a typical user who likes to jog down important notes including passwords and sticks the notes on computer screens, but I do write my To-Do-List on paper, in a Notepad/Word doc, and of course Outlook tasks. But none of them is as handy as Windows 7 Sticky Notes, which I will explain below.

Windows 7 Sticky Notes are always on. You don’t have to save your Sticky Notes; they are saved automatically as soon as you finish typing. Even if you shut down your computer, your notes are safely saved. When your computer re-starts, the notes are there. Therefore, there is no Save option. Interestingly, the only way to delete a note is to close a Sticky Notes window.

You can start your Sticky Notes by typing the word “sticky” in the search box from the Windows icon at the low left corner. The default color is yellow, but you can choose from other five colors, blue, green, pink, purple and white.


Try it if you haven’t. No more misplaced notes or messages, thanks to Windows 7.

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