Cloud Computing in DC, Feb. 16, 2010

Microsoft has been in the cloud for 15 years -- dating all the way back to the introduction of hotmail email services through Windows Live messenger and XBOX Live.  In fact, no one has been delivering cloud services for as long or at the same scale as Microsoft. And we have been extremely busy over the past 6 years investing our R&D dollars into our Online Services offerings.

If you have been thinking about how the Cloud can help you:

· Drive greater efficiency in your IT systems and cut costs out of your IT infrastructure?

· Increase the scalability and agility of your IT infrastructure?

· Reduce your IT carbon footprint?

· Help your developers respond more quickly to business requirements?

· Address lost productivity and user frustration with disconnected IT experiences?

Join us to discover how Microsoft Cloud Computing enables organizations like yours to:

· Have the Flexibility by choosing whether your applications will run locally, in the cloud, or a combination of the two based on your business needs

· Remain confident in the Security and availability of your data and services as you harness the efficiency, cost, and environments benefits of the cloud

· Maintain Control while increasing end-user satisfaction and productivity via the enablement of seamless experiences across the PC, Web, and phone.

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