MSDN Mid Atlantic Roadshow @ Charleston, West Virginia, Dec. 9, 2008


Creating Web Applications with Microsoft Web Technologies


MSDN Roadshow is a series of local Microsoft MSDN events for developers, architects and to some extent designers and database professionals. They are delivered by your local Microsoft evangelists and sometimes Microsoft MVPs and influentials, with sessions and contents ranging from overview for beginners to in-depth discussions for intermediate audience. Our first series focuses on web development and Microsoft web technologies. Future events will cover client application development (Forms and WFP), Windows and Office development, mobile application development, business intelligence and data services, Software plus Services, and the Windows Live platform. Please come on over to join us in this full-day event, and let us know how we can best serve you in the near future.


8:30-9:00         Registration and Welcome

9:00-10:15       Web Development Basics

10:15-10:30     Morning Break

10:30-11:45     What's New in the .NET 3.5 Framework for Web Developers and         Intro to ASP.NET MVC


11:45-12:30     Lunch Break


12:30-1:45       AJAX Development and Troubleshooting

1:45-2:00         Afternoon Break

2:00-3:15         What's New in Silverlight 2.0

3:15-4:00         Q/A and Wrap Up






West Virginia State University

Erickson Alumni Center

200 Erickson Alumni Center

Grand Hall

Charleston, WV 25112

December 9, 2008


9:00 AM–4:00 PM


(This event has been cancelled due to insufficient registration)


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