Get cashback from Microsoft Live Search!

Microsoft announced the Live Search Cashback program back in May 2008, and I realized a $200 saving from the program last night when I used Microsoft Live search and purchased an item from eBay using PayPal. All I had to do was search for an item that I wanted to buy from Within a few minutes after the transaction, I received an email at my hotmail account and my eBay account. After clicking on the link in the email and logging in to my Cashback account using my Live ID (hotmail account), I saw the Microsoft Cashback dollars right there. There is not much I have to do to sign up for the Cashback program, yet the benefit is real and instant!

You can find more information about and if interested sign up for the program at

Here's how Live Search cashback works:


Search for cashback deals at Live Search cashback. Each time you click a Live Search cashback listing, you'll find great deals on the product you chose. Your results will clearly list the cashback savings you'll receive off the store price, and your final bottom-line price that includes tax and shipping costs. Also look for this Microsoft Cashback dollar icon cashback Icon when you search for a product on Live Search to find great cashback deals.


Compare and sort products by the bottom-line price. Click the best deal to go to the store. Everything you buy during that store visit will be eligible for Live Search cashback. On your first time using Live Search cashback, we will ask you for an email address so we can tell you how to quickly set up your free cashback account.


Keep saving money each time you use Live Search cashback. Every time you make a qualifying purchase, we'll send you an email to confirm your Live Search cashback savings. Usually 60 days after your purchase (although this time period may vary for some stores), and when your cashback account reaches a balance of at least $5, you can claim your cold, hard cash. Terms and conditions.

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