Feature Availability in Visual Studio 2008 Editions

At Windows 2008, SQL 2008 and VS2008 launch events in the region I was asked several questions related to availability of a specific feature in Visual Studio 2008. I used to be able to answer these kinds of questions on the spot, but I found it is no longer an easy task to do so with VS2008. There are currently 11 editions of VS2008, and it takes 36 pages to list all key features and their availability in each edition. While people at Microsoft in developer and architect roles should do our best to know the long feature list by heart, as I hope, I suggest that you download and review the document if you have not done so. I'm pretty sure that you’ll find answers to many of your questions regarding feature availability in a specific edition. This document should be helpful for those of you who are managing subscriptions of the development suite for your business or organization.

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