Visual Studio .NET 2008 Launch Events in Mid-Atlantic (1/29 at Reston VA, 2/4 at Malvern PA)


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z  Strategic Overview of Microsoft Application Platform – David Chappell

An application platform includes technologies for creating applications, working with data, integrating diverse software, and more. Making good decisions in this changing area requires understanding both the world today and the likely future. In this session, David Chappell looks at what an application platform is, using the Microsoft platform as an example. He then offers a perspective on how this technology can best support business processes in a service-oriented world. He’ll also look at what’s coming, including how the role of application platforms will change in a world of software + services. The goal is to provide a coherent overview of this complex area, offering a perspective on how to think about this fundamental aspect of IT.


z  Software Engineering with VSTS 2008

This general session will examine an alternative to the traditional work breakdown structure approach to software development.  After years of unsatisfactory results and billions of dollars spent, the software industry is ready to embrace a new model.  We will illustrate how Visual Studio Team System supports this new Value-Up approach to software development.  We will demonstrate how architects, database professionals, developers, testers, project managers, and other stakeholders will benefit from increase transparency, predictability, collaboration, and quality by adopting the Value-Up approach and Visual Studio Team System.


z  Lunch & Launch Overview

This general session will provide a fast paced overview of 2008 family of Visual Studio, including Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Visual Studio Team System 2008, and the .NET Framework 3.5.  The session will highlight the three main pillars of the 2008 offering: Rapid Applications Development, Increased Collaboration, and User Experiences.


z  Track Breakouts:

S+S “Services” Track: Overview of .NET Framework 3.5 with Visual Studio 2008

Breakout 1: Building applications using WCF and WF with Visual Studio 2008. 

·         This session will demonstrate how Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) can be used to simplify the development of service oriented, message-based systems, and how Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) can be used as a foundation for workflow and orchestration for solutions.   We will also demonstrate the new tools in Visual Studio 2008 that greatly simplify WCF and WF development.


Breakout 2: Overview of LINQ and other advancements in the .NET 3.5 Framework. 

·         Language Integrated Query, LINQ, provides a unified model for development that unifies application code syntax with data access and data structure (SQL, XML, etc.) syntax.  This session will provide an overview of LINQ, as well as some of the other new features of the .NET Framework 3.5, and demonstrate how to use these new capabilities from Visual Studio 2008.


S+S “Services” Track: User Experience

  Breakout 1: Using Visual Studio 2008 to Design and Develop Rich Desktop Applications – Focus: Vista and Office 2007

·         This session will focus on how to create rich, interactive desktop applications using Visual Studio 2008.   Visual Studio 2008 simplifies how to create WPF/XAML applications and includes new visual tools (Visual Studio Tools for Office) to help you create rich user experiences for Microsoft Office 2007-based applications.


  Breakout 2: Using Visual Studio 2008 to Design and Develop Rich Internet Applications – Focus: Silverlight, AJAX, and ASP.NET 2.0

·         This session will focus on how to create rich, interactive Internet applications using Visual Studio 2008.   Visual Studio 2008 includes tools and forms to help you create compelling web applications with  ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, and Silverlight technologies


Visual Studio Team System Track: A Closer Look

  Breakout 1:

·         This session will provide an overview of the major elements of Visual Studio Team Suite and Team Foundation Server.  The session will expand on the key concepts discussed in the Software Engineering general session and examine how Team Foundation Server provides the infrastructure needed to increase the transparency and predictability of software projects while increasing quality through the application of unobtrusive process templates.  This session will also demonstrate the use of Visual Studio Team Suite to increase developer productivity and collaboration.


                           Breakout 2:

·         This session will expand on the topics covered in the previous breakout session will additional focus on the newest capabilities added with the release of VSTS/TFS 2008, including continuous integration, code metrics, and many other new features. This session will also include a discussion on migration from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008.


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RESTON, VA 22090- US



January 29th, 2008


Welcome Time: 9:30am

10:00am - 6:15PM

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Great Valley Corp Center

45 Liberty BLVD, Suite 210

Malvern, PA 19355

Malvern MS Office Directions


February 4, 2008


Welcome Time: 8:30am

9:00am-  5:15pm

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