MIX08 will be held in Las Vegas, March 5-7,2008

Detail at http://visitmix.com/2008/default.aspx 

MIX is an intimate conversation between developers, designers and business professionals to explore:

  • High-fidelity commerce, content, media, services and security
  • How new technologies can help find, retain and up-sell customers
  • The latest on Silverlight, Internet Explorer, ASP.NET, Expression, Windows Live and other key technologies. Keynotes, presentations, discussions, labs
  • Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer will share his thoughts as well
  • Maybe it’s because we’re huge “The Tao of Steve” fans, or we can’t help but return to one of the hottest nightclubs on the strip . . . the MIX bash this year will be at TAO in the Venetian


Developers can dive deep into the latest Microsoft Web technologies, including Silverlight, Internet Explorer 8, "Atlas"/AJAX, ASP.NET, Windows Cardspace, the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Media and others. Want to learn how to code pages for IE8 that render properly in other popular browsers? Interested in building AJAX sites quickly and efficiently?

Designers can learn how Microsoft's platform technologies will allow them to create rich experiences that incorporate video, advanced typography, vector graphics, and 3D graphics. Explore new ways to differentiate your sites from those of your competitors, learn how to streamline the designer-developer pipeline and discuss strategies for improving your site's usability.

Business Professionals will get a solid overview of how Windows Vista and the Internet Explorer roadmap can boost site revenues and unlock new business opportunities. Get the latest Vista and IE8 forecasts from Microsoft.

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