Converting Silverlight Event Handlers in Javascript to .NET Code

Should Silverlight 1.0 RC code just work in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh? That's my understanding, but I ran into some issues with Silverlight event handlers in one example, which displays the CurrentState of a MediaElement. 

I kept getting the following error message in Orcas Beta 2.0 when debugging the code with one event handler attached as shown below. 

    Width="300" Height="300"/>

Silverlight error message    
ErrorCode: 2260
ErrorType: ParserError      
XamlFile: Page.xaml    
Line: xxx    
Position: yyy

I knew I could add events by using addEventListener, but I was reluctant because I thought attaching an event handler to a xaml tag was really neat. After struggling for a while on the issue and reading many postings on the web, I realized that maybe 1.1 alpha refresh would rather deal with .net code than javascript at least for handling events. So I decided to convert the javascript functions, which was pretty straightforward.

<!-- JavaScript functions that work in Silverlight 1.0 RC -->

function media_stop(sender, args)

function media_pause(sender, args)

function media_begin(sender, args)

function media_state_changed(sender, args)
var mediaStateTextBlock =
var media = sender.findName("media");
mediaStateTextBlock.Text = media.CurrentState;

I then added the following .net code to the Page.xaml file. The application worked, and I was delighted.

// .NET event handlers converted from JavaScript functions; the code works in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh
  public void Page_Loaded(object o, EventArgs e)
            // Required to initialize variables

        void media_begin(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)  {media.Play(); }

        void media_pause(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {media.Pause();}
        void media_stop(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {media.Stop();}

        void media_state_changed(object sender, EventArgs e) {mediaStateTextBlock.Text  = media.CurrentState;}

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