Silverlight Assembly: agclr.dll

Where a Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh project is created with Orcas 2008 beta 2, references are set by default to several assemblies, which are stored in the Microsoft Silverlight directory, such as agclr, mscorlib, system, System.Core, system.silverlight, and system.Xml.Core. If you are familiar with the .NET framework, chances are you have seen the mscorlib assembly. Other assemblies are readable, except for the one on top of the reference list, agclr. If you are curious about what agclr or agclr.dll stands for, you may be surprised to know that ag stands for Silverlight -- because ag represents silver in the periodic table of the chemical elements, according to one blog by Laurent Duveau. I have yet to confirm that's true, but it all seems to make sense. Indeed, abbreviating Silverlight with such a choice is very scientific, if not too chemical. Any comments?

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