Top 10 List about Microsoft Silverlight – A CIO Magazine Article

The CIO magazine recently published an article about Silverlight written by Shawn Wildermuth, a Microsoft MVP (C#) and the founder of Wildermuth Consulting Services. Whether you are new to Microsoft Silverlight, have seen how Silverlight applications work, or have done some coding with Silverlight, you will find in this article many interesting insights of the new Microsoft web technology.

1. Silverlight Avoids Cross-Browser/OS Issues 
2. Silverlight 1.1 Is the Real Story
3. Silverlight Uses Technologies Your Developers Already Know
4. Silverlight UI Is just Markup...Like HTML
5. Silverlight and Ajax Technologies Are Complementary
6. Silverlight Allows Developers and Designers to Work Together
7. Silverlight Deliverables Are Not Atomic
8. Silverlight Is New
9. Silverlight XAML versus WPF XAML
10. Silverlight Is a Great Way to Learn XAML

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