Options to migrate Classic ASP and VB6 Applications from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012

Below are some options to migrate Classic ASP and VB6 Applications from Windows 2003  to Windows 2012. Option 1: Lift and Shift Applications to Windows 2012 Classic ASP applications may be moved as is to Windows 2012 by enabling IIS 8.5 for hosting Classic ASP applications. This approach can be used if we do not…


Make your HTML5 Application Location Aware using GeoLocation API and Bing Maps API

This blog will show you how to make your HTML5 Application Location Aware using use the GeoLocation API with the Bing Maps AJAX Control. Before we start you will need to obtain a Bing Maps Key.Please visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff428642.aspx to get a Bing Maps Key. To begin, create an ASP.NET Empty Web Application as shown below. Add…


Synchronize SQL Server and SQL Azure using Sync Framework

In this Blog, I will discuss Synchronizing data between an On-Premise SQL Server database and a SQL Azure database in the Cloud using Microsoft Sync Framework. There are others ways of synchronizing data between On-Premise SQL Server databases and SQL Azure databases, but this blog is focused on using Microsoft Sync Framework and C# code to synchronize data….


Migrating an on-premise database from SQL Server to SQL Azure using SSIS

  In this blog I will demonstrate moving an on-premise SQL Server database to SQL Azure using SSIS. I will perform the tasks mentioned below: Provision the Destination SQL Azure Database Generate a DDL Script of the SQL Server Source Database Execute the DDL Script against SQL Azure Destination Database Use SSIS to export the…