MSIL Verification Notes – 11

Tired of creating one sample for one unverifiable scenario. Here is a laundry list for the other scenarios I know of. Build the sample in your mind and be happy.

calli by design unverifiable

ldftn/ldvirtftn not allowedn on .ctor

 "This" parameter does not match the calling method

arglist is used in non-vararg method

Tailcall return type does not match

Throw "this" in the constructor

Bad Instance call with mismatch type

Use of this ptr when it is not fully initialized

Newobj on statci or abstract method 

Overlapping try blocks 

Incorrect Filter offset size

Use static opcode with instance field

Bad use of initonly field

Accessing fields that should be invisible to other types

Use of unknown type tokens

Tail call not followed by return

Treat pointer as byref

Modify an imaged based <RVA> static belong to the module

Init Locals are not set

Bad endfilter argument

Array operation on non-array object

Jump to the middle of one Opcode

Branch out of Try block

CallVirt on ValueClass

Conditional Branch type mismatch

cpobj type of source address incompatible with type operand

wrong number args to delegate ctor

endfilter outside of exception filter

ldvrirftn on static method

Illegal use of leave to enter exception handler


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