Private Cloud – Not Just Another Name for Virtualization

One of the questions I hear while I’m at events or speaking with customers is “how does virtualization differ from private cloud computing, aren’t they really just the same?” My answer to this question is a resounding “NO!” If you look at the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) web site, the key characteristics…


Hyper-V Wins Reader Vote in ZDNet’s “Hyper-V or VMware?” Debate

ZDNet readers have spoken, voting in favor of Hyper-V 54% to 46%, as part of a lively discussion between Jason Perlow and Ken Hess in this week’s ZDNet Great Debate: “Hyper-V or VMware?” Advocating for Hyper-V, Jason Perlow made a strong argument emphasizing the robust feature set as well as the superior price point of…


ZDNet Debates: Hyper-V or VMware?

Yesterday morning, ZDNet kicked off its Great Debate “Hyper-V or VMware?”, with opening comments from Jason Perlow and Ken Hess. Microsoft supporter Jason Perlow made a strong case for Hyper-V, noting that the functionality in Windows Server “8” Hyper-V exceeds that in vSphere, without the need for the expensive add-ons and third party enhancements that…


Windows Server “8” beta available now!

Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President, Server and Cloud at Microsoft, announces that Windows Server “8” beta is available now! Read Bill’s post on the Windows Server Blog for more information. Windows Server “8” beta available now.


Windows Server Blogs are Moving

Microsoft is working to streamline our blogging process. All future Windows Server Blogs will be located on the dedicated Windows Server Blog Site. Check the blog often for detailed Windows Server information and updates. Please click here for past Windows Server “8” posts.


The Team that Puts “Amazing Power” at People’s Fingertips

Members of the Windows Server team speak with Microsoft News Center about their groundbreaking work in moving customers to the cloud—and what else they find fascinating. Check out the full interview with the Windows Server Team to Learn More.


Windows Server 8: Server Applications and the Minimal Server Interface

Windows Server is, without a doubt, a comprehensive and complete platform, composed of hundreds of components supporting a wide array of roles. As we continued to develop the Windows feature set, we saw the need to streamline the footprint of Windows Server by enabling the removal of components that are not always necessary for all…


Jeffrey Snover Talks Windows Server 8 Storage Management on TechNet Radio

In this episode of TechNet Radio, Distinguished Engineer and Lead Architect for Windows Server, Jeffrey Snover, discusses storage management in Windows Server 8 with Senior IT Pro Evangelist, Chris Henley. Jeffrey explains that customer success is predicated on efficient storage management, and highlights how Windows Server 8 meets this need, whether the storage is directly…


Windows Server 8 Hyper-V and High Availability

A few weeks ago we provided an overview of some of the new features and advancements we have made with Windows Server 8 Hyper-V. Today, I would like to turn the topic focus to High Availability (HA). As customers host more and more critical workloads in virtual environments, the need for integrated HA solutions for…


Windows 8 Platform Storage – Part 2

A prior blog entry began our whirlwind introductory tour of some of the more significant platform storage enhancements being introduced in Windows Server 8 – this follow-up entry concludes our introduction. In Windows 8 Platform Storage – Part 1, we listed your storage related requirements. We also described our resultant set of assumptions guiding Windows…