Explore Azure Stack—and much more—at Microsoft Ignite

What do you want to learn at Microsoft Ignite 2016? Do you want to deepen your knowledge of Azure Stack? Strengthen your defenses against hackers? Make better use of PaaS? Discuss real-world questions with product experts, in person? Challenge your strategic thinking? Perfect. All of that—and more—is waiting for you in Atlanta. The full session…


Microsoft targets new workloads and smaller enterprises with expanded StorSimple offerings

by Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise Today’s enterprises are embracing digital transformation through the cloud, enabling them to be more agile and respond to business challenges more quickly. The cloud is helping to drive greater innovation throughout the enterprise and it can ultimately lead to new revenue streams and enhanced competitive advantage…


Check out the Hybrid Cloud Storage blog – Defying The Law of Data Gravity

Over on the Hybrid Cloud storage blog, there is a new post titled “Data Mobility: Defying The Law of Data Gravity With StorSimple”.  If you’re interested in storage solutions for hybrid cloud, then we encourage you to read this post by Tom Trainer – who also wrote the “Rethinking Enterprise Storage” series earlier this year.


Customer Spotlight: Marquette University reins in storage costs with Windows Server 2012, goes with Hyper-V over VMware

I recently blogged about some of the positive sentiments and comments Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V has been receiving from the press and recently surveyed customers, as well as the sharp uptick in deployments. As customer adoption grows for Windows Server 2012, the new Hyper-V and our private cloud solution, I thought it would be helpful…


Jeffrey Snover Talks Windows Server 8 Storage Management on TechNet Radio

In this episode of TechNet Radio, Distinguished Engineer and Lead Architect for Windows Server, Jeffrey Snover, discusses storage management in Windows Server 8 with Senior IT Pro Evangelist, Chris Henley. Jeffrey explains that customer success is predicated on efficient storage management, and highlights how Windows Server 8 meets this need, whether the storage is directly…


Windows 8 Platform Storage – Part 2

A prior blog entry began our whirlwind introductory tour of some of the more significant platform storage enhancements being introduced in Windows Server 8 – this follow-up entry concludes our introduction. In Windows 8 Platform Storage – Part 1, we listed your storage related requirements. We also described our resultant set of assumptions guiding Windows…


Windows 8 Platform Storage – Part 1

Organizations of every size – small and medium businesses, enterprises, and commercial hosting providers – have an insatiable need for storage. In Windows Server 8, we have invested significantly to deliver the most cost-effective platform for scalable and continuously available data access. This blog provides an overview of the rationale for our platform storage investments….


Windows Server 8 Heterogeneous Storage Support

Whether you’re talking about closet space in your house or the capacity of your datacenter, storage is something you can never have enough of. But storage space alone isn’t the whole story. Storage for data needs to be both flexible and reliable. Microsoft recognizes the crucial importance of storage today more than ever, which is…


Windows Server 8: Standards-Based Storage Management

Windows Server 8 is a cloud optimized OS.  You’ve probably heard that phrase or similar comments a lot recently since we introduced Windows Server 8 last month (see Bill Laing’s blog post.)  Let’s drill in a bit to explain what that really means and why it matters to you. In the past, Windows Server was a…


Storage and Continuous Availability Enhancements in Windows Server 8

Greetings from the Storage Developer Conference, where I had the opportunity to introduce attendees to some of the new storage capabilities in “Windows Server 8.”  Following Bill Laing’s post introducing the product, I would like to share more about our investments to give customers more unified, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions that can deliver enterprise-class storage…