Are You in Danger of Getting “Boxed-In”?

The rapid pace of innovation in cloud technologies has led to an interesting dichotomy for most organizations. On one hand, companies are able to take advantage of new capabilities in record time, becoming more agile and innovative in the process. Inevitably though, customers are also struggling to keep up with the pace of change and high volume of information. In such an environment, it’s no surprise that customers are trying to determine which cloud vendors they should bet on for the long term.

For a lot of organizations, the choice often boils down to one between Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). To help provide information on areas where we believe Azure outshines AWS, we’ve created a new resource page on the Azure website.

One of the main differences between Azure and AWS is the ability to bridge your on-premises resources with the Microsoft public cloud, without the need for complex workarounds or solutions from third-party vendors. We believe that hybrid done right involves a platform that truly bridges your datacenters to the cloud, as opposed to a point-solution connector that can be bridge to nowhere.

Check out the video below to learn how Azure’s superior hybrid capabilities can help your business. 

For more information, including more videos and downloadable content, on how Azure can prevent you from getting “Boxed-In”, I invite you to check out our new page.

Varun Chhabra is a Director of Product Marketing in the Cloud and Enterprise Marketing Group at Microsoft. He has worked at a variety of product marketing roles in Microsoft over the last seven years. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and two year old son, reading, and running outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. 

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  1. OptimusSpime says:

    Given that the messaging seems to be that on prem infrastructure is deader than the dinosaurs, taking a "we’re better at hybrid" seems an odd approach (because from the gallery it looks like Microsoft now believes only dinosaurs run stuff on-prem)

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