Forrester Research Predictions: 3 Important Things CIOs Should Do To Be Successful In 2015

 Today we are launching a blog series focused on driving business innovation through application development.  This is not a new topic but one that deserves some attention as we enter 2015 and organizations are revisiting plans and strategies for the coming year.  We will provide you with analyst points of view, case studies from current Microsoft customers and other relevant content to help you drive growth, strengthen customer relationships and find new business opportunities

For the first installment of this series we’re excited to share a piece from Forrester Research that provides guidance to CIOs on how they can be successful in 2015 by identifying trends and opportunities.  And even if you’re not the CIO, this paper is helpful to understand what business leaders are faced with. 

Following is the abstract:

In 2015, digital disruption will change the nature of competition, forcing firms to obsess about creating superior digital experiences across the entire customer life cycle. Many CIOs have the technical expertise and cross-functional business purview to help drive this level of innovation, but they are too often still seen as nothing more than the leader of a cost center.

In 2015, CIOs will finally connect their team’s technical and business know-how to the CEO’s focus on company growth and customer obsession by accelerating their firm’s business technology (BT) agenda and establishing themselves as a digital business leader. It’s a tall order, and not all CIOs are up to the challenge.

In this report, Forrester predicts three key things that successful CIOs will do in 2015 to lead their firm’s digital transformation.

Download the free report from:

NEXT BLOG POST IN THIS SERIES: Customer Q&A with Hogarth Worldwide. (Coming January 15)

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  1. Sam says:

    2 clicks through pages, a form with my name, email, phone number and permission to email/call me with spam at will, results in a document that says that CIO’s will

    1. embrace the cloud.
    2. embrace big data.
    3. fire your CDO (I had to google it too: Chief Digital Officer).

    Hope I saved all of you 10 minutes.

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