Your Questions Answered in New Enterprise Mobility Webcast Series

When you’re one of the world’s biggest software companies, you get a lot of tough questions from both your partners and customers.  Many times these questions are very challenging, and other times they are from the IT Pros that want to keep companies all over the world ticking – and they just want to know how to scale and go mobile.

Brad Anderson (VP of Enterprise Mobility) is one of the experts, and he has scheduled a series of webcasts about Enterprise Mobility to answer the biggest, toughest questions.  Registration is now open – and you can review webcast topics and broadcast dates.

Earlier this year Brad and Mark Russinovich (CTO Azure) did a very popular webcast series about Hybrid Cloud – and this one looks to be just as great.  In the first two webcasts Brad will be joined by Kirk Koenigsbauer (VP Office), and the latter two will feature Active Directory PM Alex Simons.

Enterprise mobility has been a hot topic this year – whether you work on-prem, public cloud, or hybrid.  To see the work MSFT has been hard at work doing, check out Brad’s ongoing Enterprise Mobility blog series.

You can read overviews of each of the four scheduled webcasts and register to watch them here.  Each webcast is slated to run ~30 minutes, followed by a 30 minute live Q&A.

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  1. Mark Hyder says:

    Do you think there will be more app development in Microsoft?

  2. Hendrik Walde says:

    As a customer I want:
    1. Complete IT structure in the cloud with secure employee login from anywhere, using employee specific programs from any company and collaborating results in defined groups with total security to the outside world.
    2. This system needs to scalable based on needs for speed and data space. Calculation intensive automatic scale to finish each task in predefined time.
    3. Login from any device using a simple app to access my computer.
    4. Minimum of mouse clicks and key strokes to get there.
    3. Billing based on resource use.

    Any idea how to get there?


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